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Religious conversions: Seeking equal standards in good faith
Friday, 20 March 2015


 | Mar 15, 2015, 05.04AM IST

Of late, the issue of religious conversions has taken centre-stage, with emotions running high. Christians argue that had their efforts at harvesting souls through conversions been strong and widespread, they would not be just 2.3% of the population. Muslims claim they do not indulge in organized conversion efforts and the growth in their proportion of the Indian population, from under 10% in 1951 to nearly 14%, has been through a higher birth rate. Hindus, reduced in proportion from over 84% in 1951 to 80%, state that their non-proselytizing culture works to their disadvantage, so they have every right to ghar-wapsi programmes. Perhaps it's time to dump the emotions and take a rational look at the issue. 

In all honesty, while there may be material gains from religious conversions, spiritually, it is almost always negative. Why? Because true spiritual growth happens with internal focus, when you attempt to seek truth within yourself. Not when you try to prove the "other religion" as false. But this is a complex topic, one that has been explored by the spiritually adept for millennia. It's not something that can be explained in a brief newspaper article. 

So let's move away from the spiritual aspect of conversions and turn to material benefits. Undoubtedly, from this perspective, there can be both positive and negative results.  

Villagers in Haryana's Hisar allege conversions, miscreants raze church
Monday, 16 March 2015


HISAR (Haryana): A church under construction was demolished in Haryana's Hisar district on Sunday. The miscreants even hoisted a flag with "Shri Ram" written at the site in Kaimri village, 10km from here.

Sources said villagers were angry over the priest's alleged efforts to convert some of the local residents.

Police have registered a case against 14 people named by the priest and started investigation into the matter. But no arrests have been made so far.

A panchayat was held in the village and the members decided to take the issue to the deputy commissioner of Hisar district. They claimed the priest, Subhash, had bought the piece of land to build a house but started constructing a "Believers Church" instead.

"Believers Church" is a Christian denomination with congregations and parishes across the world. 

Delhi Church attacks: The great Christian persecution Game back in action
Monday, 16 February 2015


By Rupa Subramanya

Is the Christian community in Delhi under threat now that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is in power? Many people would like you to think so.

Since December 2014, six specific incidents, all in Delhi, of alleged attacks on churches and, most recently, on a Christian school have been widely reported and commented upon by the media, both domestic and foreign. 

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