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Christian school teacher beats Hindu student for wearing Ayyappa mala
Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Student beaten

Christian bodies seek withdrawal of case against school

Delegation apologises to parents of the boy who was allegedly ill-treated, terms it a ‘sad incident’

A delegation led by the Bishop of Kurnool, Pula Anthony, met Deputy Chief Minister K.E. Krishnamurthy here on Tuesday and urged him to facilitate the withdrawal of the case against JMJ School management, which was accused of ill-treating a student who was on ‘Ayyappa Deeksha’.

The delegation tendered an apology to the parents of the boy and the government, saying that they would ensure such incidents did not recur. Meanwhile, the teacher who allegedly ill-treated the boy was withdrawn from the school.

Terming it as a “sad incident”, the delegation said it was not the intention of the school authorities to insult people from other religions. It promised to take action against the teacher and give orientation to other teachers on the sensitivity of religious matters.

District Collector Ch. Vijayamohan told the delegation that schools, irrespective of their affiliation, to follow secular norms and provide proper environment to children.

However, the Bishop insisted on dress code, saying parents and students should follow the school norms and take prior permission from the authorities to wear clothes other than the uniform. 

Wife commites suicide after husband tortures for worshipping Hindu gods
Monday, 10 November 2014



 CHENNAI: What was supposed to be a convergence of faith in an inter-religious marriage turned tragic after the wife committed suicide. The husband had allegedly tortured her as she insisted on worshipping Hindu gods. Arrested subsequently on the charge of abetting suicide, a city court on Thursday has quashed his bail plea. 

Communists, Atheists’ in TTD Admn Blamed for Conversions
Monday, 03 November 2014


HYDERABAD: The Telangana Hindu Vahini has alleged illegal conversion of Hindus into Christianity and illegally preaching Christianity at TTD temples.

“With the support of foreign countries, some people are taking it as a profession to convert innocent tribals into Christianity,” alleged Uppala Raju, state general secretary, Telangana Hindu Vahini.

Raju also accused the appointment of officials at the temple, who are turning a blind eye to the conversions taking place on its premises. “Since the appointed people at the temple either have Communist ideology or are atheists, they are not stopping conversions,” Raju alleged, while demanding immediate action against those preaching Christianity at temple premises and those supporting it.

Referring to GO no 168 issued by the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh government in 2012, which prohibits any religious activity within 100 metres of a place of worship, Raju threatened to take matters into their own hands if no further action was taken.

“Christian preachings are taking place inside a temple complex and yet the police are indifferent. If no action is taken, then people may take law into their own hands,” he warned. 

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