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Evangelism War Plan
How do crusaders wage the wars? A survey of different elements of the war
  • Partnerships & Agreements  ( 1 items )
    Evangelicals established special working relationship with strange bedfellow on needed basis
  • What is Christian Jihad?  ( 6 items )
    What is Christian Jihad? why is everybody calling 'the new western evangellism' a Christian Jihad?
  • HIT LIST  ( 3 items )
    The following organizations and institutions are on the evangelical hit-list. They found that these organizations/institutions are the major stumbling blocks in converting non-christians to christianity.
  • Currently Active Campaigns  ( 9 items )
  • Training Boot Camp  ( 10 items )
    Evangelical army has to be recruited, equipped and trained to carry on evangelism. Here is a review of major motivation and recruitment techniques and equipping the warriors with the necessary tools. Most of missionaries are primarily trained in exploiting fallacies (check Stephen's Guide to the Logical Fallacies ). For example Fallacy of distraction - False dilemma - Either you are a christian or against christians is the first lesson in missionary training.
  • Toolbox  ( 1 items )
    Tools and weaponry in their armour
  • Native Resistance - counter Strategies  ( 1 items )
    Not everybody keeps quiet when invaded by crusaders. Everywhere there is resistance from natives to protect their self-respect. Missionaries have an extensive collection of strategies to counter native resistance.
  • Human rights Campaigns  ( 1 items )
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